Testimony against Thomas Seymour: Kat Ashley

Thomas Seymour is as much a victim as Anne Boleyn. I know, that’s going to be a highly debated statement but it’s one I believe to be true. When Anne Boleyn fell out of favor with the King it was those around him who found ways to make her guilty of charges that would ridContinue reading “Testimony against Thomas Seymour: Kat Ashley”

Two Days Before the Death of Katherine Parr

This was originally posted on TudorsDynasty.com At the end of her life, dowager queen Katherine Parr was married to Thomas Seymour, Lord Admiral; She had just given birth to her only child, a daughter named Mary, on the 30th of August, 1548. Unfortunately, as happened often in Tudor England, Katherine Parr got an infection afterContinue reading “Two Days Before the Death of Katherine Parr”

Welcome to the Site Dedicated to Thomas Seymour

Thank you so much for visiting this website whose focus is solely  on the life and death of Sir Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudeley. My name is Rebecca and I am best known as the owner of TudorsDynasty.com but have decided in the last six months to put a bigger focus on Thomas SeymourContinue reading “Welcome to the Site Dedicated to Thomas Seymour”