Ladies for a Queen: Sudeley Castle

One of the most popular stories that comes to mind in the saga of Thomas Seymour and teenage Lady Elizabeth, is the one about Thomas proposing to Elizabeth after the death of Kateryn Parr. In this article I will attempt to explain some of the circumstances surrounding that situation but mostly try to explain theContinue reading “Ladies for a Queen: Sudeley Castle”

Elizabeth, in the Gallery, with a Man

Thomas Parry was Lady Elizabeth’s Cofferer and was one of the servants close to Elizabeth who was interrogated during the downfall of Sir Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudeley and Lord High Admiral. As the Cofferer, Parry would have been responsible for in the incoming and outgoing money that belonged to his mistress, the LadyContinue reading “Elizabeth, in the Gallery, with a Man”

Seymour Place: First Home of Thomas Seymour

There is not much known about Thomas Seymour’s early years. Historian and author, David Loades believed that when Thomas first came to court (sometime between 1525-1530) that he may have rented a place in London. But once his sister Jane became Queen we can assume that he always had a place at court. It wouldContinue reading “Seymour Place: First Home of Thomas Seymour”