My Mission

All too often during the reign of the Tudors a subject of the monarch was executed because it was believed a message needed to be sent. In the case of Thomas Seymour his ambition and reckless nature caused those around the King (his nephew) to believe he was a threat.

My mission with this website is to prove that Thomas Seymour was never a threat to the King. Quite the opposite actually, he was an ally. With that being said, Thomas Seymour was human. He was a flawed man who felt there were injustices in his life. He made rash decisions that eventually caused his demise.

Thomas Seymour was not guilty of the charges against him, however. It is important in my journey to share with you the facts I find and how I interpret them.

It is important to also understand the history of the person you are researching as well. Thomas Seymour was born into country gentry but his family line (maternal side) resulted in him being a descendent of King Edward III.

With this site I will also show you the relationships Thomas had with his family, his friends and the royal family. Through all this I hope to open your mind to Thomas as a person. Not a courtier, brother to a queen, uncle to the King or husband of the dowager queen, but as a man. A flawed, desperate and reckless man who loved his wife and his king.

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