There are so many fantastic books to read about the Seymour family – I suggest, every so often, go on Amazon and do a random search on the name. You might be surprised what you find. It seems the Seymour family is becoming more popular to write about.

Here are a few of the books I’ve read on the subject:

Secondary Sources:

Skidmore, Chris; Edward VI – The Lost King of England
Scard, Margaret; Edward Seymour, Lord Protector – Tudor King in all But Name
Loades, David: The Seymours of Wolf Hall
Loades, David; Jane Seymour – Henry VIII’s Favorite Wife
Loades, David; The 6 Wives of Henry VIII
Porter, Linda; Queen Katherine Parr
James, Susan; Catherine Parr
Norton, Elizabeth; Catherine Parr
Norton, Elizabeth; The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor
Licence, Amy; The Six Wives & Many Mistresses of Henry VIII
Lipscomb, Suzannah; The King is Dead
Weir, Alison; Six Wives of Henry VIII
MacLean, John; The Life of Sir Thomas Seymour, Knight
Locke, Amy Aubrey: The Seymour Family
St. Maur, Richard Harold; Annals of the Seymours
Strickland, Agnes; Lives of the Queens of England
Pollard, A.F.; England Under Protector Somerset – An Essay

and so many more!

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