Will of Margery Seymour: Mother of a Queen, Duke, and Lord Admiral

Written by Rebecca Larson When it comes to the Seymour family, we generally read about the Duke of Somerset, Jane the Queen consort, and Thomas Seymour. But what about the woman who gave birth to them? Genealogy Margery Wentworth was a descendant of King Edward III, and it is through her ancestry, that her daughterContinue reading “Will of Margery Seymour: Mother of a Queen, Duke, and Lord Admiral”

The Queen’s Presence Chamber – Sudeley

My effort to uncover the true Thomas Seymour has led me to Sudeley Castle once again. While reading The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor, by Elizabeth Norton, I discovered that the Queen’s Presence Chamber had windows that ran floor to ceiling and made you feel like you were outside in the Queen’s Garden when you stoodContinue reading “The Queen’s Presence Chamber – Sudeley”

Thomas Seymour’s Sudeley Castle

This history of Sudeley Castle goes back centuries. It’s majestic gardens were once visited by the likes of Richard III, Jasper Tudor, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Katherine Parr and Lady Jane Grey. It 1469, King Edward IV forced a Lancastrian supporter (his enemies) to sell the castle to the crown. Edward IV then granted itContinue reading “Thomas Seymour’s Sudeley Castle”