The Conscience of Thomas Seymour

Here we take a look at statement made by Thomas Seymour to his keeper, Christopher Eyre during the time that Eyre was his keeper after his arrest.

16 February 1548 – Upon communication of the Lord Admiral with his keeper Christopher Eyre. Christopher Eyre was responsible to report the demeanor of Seymour and any statements he may have made to him and to assess his loyalty to the King and his succession. Continue reading “The Conscience of Thomas Seymour”

Testimony against Thomas Seymour: Kat Ashley

Thomas Seymour is as much a victim as Anne Boleyn. I know, that’s going to be a highly debated statement but it’s one I believe to be true.

When Anne Boleyn fell out of favor with the King it was those around him who found ways to make her guilty of charges that would rid Henry of his second wife to make room for his third, who, coincidentally was Jane Seymour.

This is exactly what happened to Thomas. While I agree he made some sketchy choices in his life he did not deserve death. Continue reading “Testimony against Thomas Seymour: Kat Ashley”

Possible Marriage to Mary Howard

The Seymour family while already a noble family had achieved greatness when Jane Seymour married the King in 1536. After Jane passed away in 1537, her brothers Edward and Thomas both continued to thrive at court – they were, after all, uncles to the future king (Prince Edward). Continue reading “Possible Marriage to Mary Howard”

Two Days Before the Death of Katherine Parr

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At the end of her life, dowager queen Katherine Parr was married to Thomas Seymour, Lord Admiral; She had just given birth to her only child, a daughter named Mary, on the 30th of August, 1548. Unfortunately, as happened often in Tudor England, Katherine Parr got an infection after giving birth causing puerperal fever. The infection occurs when bacteria infect the uterus and surrounding areas after a women gives birth.

Elizabeth Tyrwhit was a lady-in-waiting and friend of dowager queen, Katherine Parr. Here is an account of Katherine’s state of mind and her behavior on 3 September 1549, two days before her death. Continue reading “Two Days Before the Death of Katherine Parr”

Welcome to the Site Dedicated to Thomas Seymour

Thank you so much for visiting this website whose focus is solely  on the life and death of Sir Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudeley.

My name is Rebecca and I am best known as the owner of but have decided in the last six months to put a bigger focus on Thomas Seymour and discovering who he was as a person. Was he really the villain that history has made him out to be?

Thomas is the topic of a book that I am currently working on. This is will be my first book. I’d like to say it will be historical fiction but I am unsure at this point if it will reach all the guidelines necessary to earn that genre. It will be filled with historical events and letters with a sprinkling of fiction to help carry the story along.

During my research I feel like I have discovered what I believe to be the true Thomas Seymour and I cannot wait to share him with all of you.

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