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My name is Rebecca Larson and I’m a Tudorholic. I have been one for a decade. In the last three years my passion for the Tudors has turned me into someone who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

When I first became familiar with the Tudor scene on social media was about 2013/14. I followed one page in particular, The Anne Boleyn Files which is run by Claire Ridgway and her husband , Tim. Every morning before work I would open Facebook and seek out her knowledge for the day. What happened on this day in Tudor history. I was hooked. It was my inspiration to eventually start a paper.li account where I shared all my favorite Tudor articles from the web. Eventually I realized that I had stories to tell. That I had a desire to write about these fascinating people I had learned about every day.

In 2015 I started a blog that I called Tudors Weekly where I emulated what Claire had done with her #OTD posts, just in a very amateur way. I soon discovered that that wasn’t the voice I wanted to have and it evolved into picking out Tudor women who deserved to have their voice heard, their story be told.

My site name changed to Tudors Dynasty about 2016 because it better suited what I was writing about – the dynasty. I was also posting new content nearly every day and the term “weekly” no longer seemed appropriate.

That same year I was approached on the idea of writing a book. I was asked who I would like to write about and I immediately said Mary Howard. I had recently read about her and I respected her story so much. Unfortunately for me at the time, someone was already writing a book about that lady through their publisher and so I would need to pick a new subject. After much thought I came up with Thomas Seymour. I cannot remember the true reasons at the time but I had just read a lot about his story with Kateryn Parr and I was attracted to his story. I wanted to learn more. Also knowing that choosing a man to research would be much easier than trying to find documents about a woman. That is where my adventure with Thomas Seymour began.

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