In the shadows

In the shadows

You many have been wondering where I have been? The answer is simple, I’ve been deep into my research and writing for my nonfiction book on Thomas Seymour.

Research and writing this book has been a true labor of love, and I never expected the journey it would take me on. Since 2016 I have been blessed to be introduced to some of the leading Tudor historians around the world, and have built so many skills because of their guidance. The biggest impact was studying paleography. Now that I can read original documents I am able to double-check the Victorian translations that are all too often incorrect.

After recently going through the blogs on this website, I have come to the conclusion that over the years my opinion, and interpretation, of Thomas Seymour has continually changed. Now, that might surprise you, but in all actuality, it should not. The more evidence that is uncovered, the more the story has begun to come together for me. I have had days when I was convinced that he was just as bad as we’ve been told. Then the next day I find something that proves there was more to the story. In the end I promise to leave you with a fair and balanced interpretation of history, whatever that may be.

Rebecca Larson

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