Why All the Secrets?

Why All the Secrets?

My research into Thomas Seymour has led me down paths that I never expected. I’ve learned Paleography which is of utmost importance to read original documents.

I requested some documents from Hatfield House and one of them was the examination of Thomas Seymour. To my surprise there are two versions available. One is scribbled out, with the exception of the opening and the closing. The other is in perfect condition.

Why on earth would someone go through the effort of scribbling out the entire examination? My only assumption is that they are hiding something. Was there some truth in there that could redeem Thomas? Did he accuse his brother Edward, possibly the King, or even Warwick of wrong doing? We will never know because it seems utterly impossible to make out the words under the scribbles.

Copy of Thomas Seymour’s confession courtesy of Hatfield House archives.

How could I not expect there was something bigger going on when I find things like this? The original was pages long, the one we actually can read is but one page!

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