Tudor Power Couple: Edward and Anne Seymour

The consummate “power couple from hell” Edward Seymour and his wife Anne Stanhope were portrayed in Showtime’s “The Tudors” as selfish, greedy and uncompromising. In real life you could say the same…or is there more to the story? Edward Seymour Born in 1500, Edward Seymour was the second son of John Seymour and Margery WentworthContinue reading “Tudor Power Couple: Edward and Anne Seymour”

Between Two Brothers: Edward and Thomas Seymour

Unless you are an only child you are familiar with the love that siblings bear one another. The events of life, along with the meddling of others caused a rift between these two men and ultimately cost both of them their lives. The Seymour brothers, Edward and Thomas. Brothers There are instances when situations fester andContinue reading “Between Two Brothers: Edward and Thomas Seymour”